Faculty Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of faculty to work in conjunction with Disability Services to provide approved accommodations, in a fair and timely manner, to students with disabilities. Encourage students with disabilities to approach you early in the semester by placing a statement on your syllabus such as the one provided below, and being available for conversation with students during office hours or scheduled appointments.

Sample Syllabus Statement:

UNC Charlotte is committed to access to education. If you have a disability and need academic accommodations, please provide a letter of accommodation from Disability Services early in the semester. For more information on accommodations, contact the Office of Disability Services at 704‑687‑0040 or visit their office in Fretwell 230.

Students with disabilities have the right to privacy and are not required to disclose the nature of their disability to faculty. Follow individual student’s leads in discussing their disabilities. Some students may be very open about the nature of their difficulties, while others may be less comfortable.  A student’s disability information should always be treated as confidential and not shared or disclosed to others.

Focus your conversation and questions on how to best provide the accommodations within the context of your course. 

The knowledge of a disability should be treated in a confidential manner by the instructor. Identifying a student to peers or making comments about a student’s disability in class violates the student’s right to privacy.

Please note:

  • Accommodations may be requested at any point in the semester.
  • Accommodations are not retroactive.
  • Grade the performance of a student with disabilities as you would all other students.

Letter of Accommodation

Disability Services identifies appropriate accommodations in the Letter of Accommodation that the student presents to a faculty member.  A student's medical information is private and is not included in the Letter of Accommodation.  The Office of Disability Services maintains the information in secure files.

If a student requests accommodations (such as additional time on exams) and faculty/staff have not received notification from the Office of Disability Services, then faculty/staff should refer the student to Disability Services.  Further, if the disability is visible and the accommodation appears appropriate, faculty/staff should provide the accommodation while awaiting verification from Disability Services.

The Office of Disability Services welcomes faculty and staff to contact our office with any disability-related questions or concerns.