Student Responsibilities

Students with disabilities have similar responsibilites as the rest of their peers.  It is each student's responsibility to comply with all University standards and codes (e.g., academic integrity and code of conduct) and to monitor his or her own academic progress.  Students should meet with their academic advisors for important information about academic progress towards graduation.  In addition, students with disabilities who wish to receive accommodations must:

  • Provide comprehensive disability documentation to the Office of Disability Services
  • Be an active participant with the DS counselor in the accommodation dialogue
  • Check-in with Disability Services at the beginning of each semester
  • At the start of the semester, provide the Letter of Accommodation to each faculty member to initiate accommodations
  • Follow Disability Services processes for specific accommodations (e.g., testing accommodations or e-text)
  • Alert Disability Services if there is a problem with their accommodations