Volunteer Note Takers

Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer notetaker!

Students interested in being a volunteer note taker should respond to class emails that are sent from the Office of Disability Services (DS).

Volunteer note takers scan their notes and upload them to a secure website. The notes are then forwarded via email to the DS registered student.

All correspondence is confidential and does not include any identifying information of the student registered with DS or of the volunteer note taker.

Online Submission of Notes:

Volunteers will need to scan their notes and upload them to www.notetaker.uncc.edu 


Note takers without scanners can use those located in the following buildings:

  • Fretwell 230 A
  • Barnard 105
  • COED 003
  • CHHS 370 (located in the lobby outside lab)
  • ​​Uptown Campus- Library

Scanners for note takers with Mosaic accounts:

  • Duke 323
  • Duke 242
  • Woodward 243
  • Cameron 113
  • Smith 249

Please submit your notes ONLY in PDF or Word format (any word version is acceptable).


  • If you drop a class or are no longer able to be a note taker, notify DS immediately at disability@uncc.edu or 704-687-0400.
  • Notes should be submitted within 24 hours of the class meeting. If no notes were taken, use the menu of the online submission form to indicate this information.
  • Always make sure notes are submitted well in advance of the test day.
  • Put the date and course (BIOL 1110) on the first page.
  • Number all pages in sequence: 1,2,3,…….
  • Explain all abbreviations when you use them for the first time.

For more information, please read:                                                     

Tips for Volunteer Note Takers (PDF)

To view the above PDFs you will need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded from the following external site: Adobe


Volunteer note takers receive up to 45 hours of community service, which can be used towards certain campus program requirements. Please note that community service hours will be dependent upon the date you volunteer. In order to receive the community service hours, note takers must provide comprehensive notes and be prompt with note submissions.

Being a Volunterer Note Taker is also a Great Resume Builder! 

Sample Resume Statement:

Volunteer Note Taker (Semester and Year)
Office of Disability Services - UNC Charlotte

  • Provided weekly detailed class notes for qualified students registered with the Office of Disability Services.
  • Recieved forty-five hours of community service for participation in the Note Taker accommodation program.



Please contact us if you have any questions.