Class Notes

The accommodation of Class Notes is available for students with documented disabilities that support this need.

This accommodation must be established early in the semester and students registering or checking-in for services after midterm may not be eligible.

Notes are provided by student volunteers through a confidential process. However, a note taker may not be secured if faculty provide students access to detailed class notes.

How It Works

Once approved for this accommodation, registered students will receive copies of notes via their UNC Charlotte email. These notes are to supplement and are not intended to substitute a student’s own notes.

Volunteer note takers will be obtained by the Office of Disability Services. An email will be sent to the entire class stating that the DS office is requesting volunteer note takers.

Students interested in being a volunteer note taker should respond to the email.
Volunteers will then scan their notes and upload them to a secure website. The notes are then forwarded via email to the DS registered student. All correspondence is done confidentially, without including any identifying information of the student registered with DS or of the volunteer note taker.

Information for Volunteers

Please visit the NOTE TAKER webpage for more information.

Scanner Locations

Scanners are located in Fretwell 330, 140 C Atkins Library, Barnard 105, and Uptown.
Please submit your notes in ONLY PDF or Word formats (any word version is acceptable).

Community Service Hours

Volunteer note takers receive up to 45 hours of community service which can be used towards certain program requirements.

Information for DS Registered Students  

If approved for the class notes accommodation, please contact the Office of Disability Services if you are not receiving notes or if you experience any issues.

Notes will be sent to you via email in PDF or word format to your UNC Charlotte inbox.

If you have an older version of Microsoft word you can install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats.

This will allow you to open .docx  files if you do not have Office 2007.

Students who receive  the accommodation of class notes must attend class regularly and must take their own notes. Class notes act as a supplement to the student's personal notes. This accommodation does not substitute a student's attendance or participation in class.

IMPORTANT: The accommodation of class notes can not be ensured when the request is made late in the semester as this process requires timely notification and is not retroactive. Students are not entitled to receive notes prior to the date of their registration or semester check in.

If a DS registered student or volunteer note taker drops or adds a course, this change should be relayed to the Office of Disability Services  in order to alter note taking services appropriately.