Testing Accommodations

Testing in the Disability Services Test Center

All accommodations are determined based on students' individual needs and their documented disability. Eligible students may receive testing accommodations within Disability Services. Plan ahead - because space is limited, we require that students follow testing procedures, including meeting with your professors to complete your Test Administration forms, and submitting those completed forms to Disability Services. Students must have a completed Test Administration form on file with Disability Services from each class for which they plan to use the DS Test Center.

Test Administration Forms

Students with testing accommodations receive Test Administration form during their Registration and Check-In appointments with their DS counselors. This form is required for students to schedule testing in the DS Test Center. Students are responsible for providining the Test Administration forms to their faculty to complete. Your professors indicate all exam dates for the semester on this one form. Please be sure all information, including the allotted exam time(s), items/materials permitted during testing, and any additional testing information needed for the exam are included on the form. Once faculty complete the form, students are responsible for submitting their completed Test Administration forms to the DS office at least 5 days prior to the exam. This advanced planning helps ensure we have space available and the accommodations are in place on test day.

Changes in Testing Dates
Sometimes faculty move a test up or postpone a test to meet classroom and course content needs. Notify the DS office immediately regarding any changes to your exam schedules so that we can meet your needs.

Proctoring in Disability Services

During the regular semester, the Test Center is open M-F, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, and your testing time must fit within that schedule. Plan carefully with your DS counselor for your testing times, especially if you have night classes, late afternoon classes, or back-to-back classes.

All tests given in the Office of Disability Services are proctored and monitored with surveillance cameras. No cell phones are allowed in the Test Center. If a student is caught with a cell phone in the Test Center, DS staff will remove the cell phone from the student and hold it until the completion of the exam. Additionally, DS staff will notify faculty when a student is caught with a cell phone during his or her exam.


Requests for taking finals in the DS office require several weeks notice. The deadline for cancelling final exam reservations in the DS Test Center is indicated on the Accommodation Agreement that students sign during their Registration or Check-In Appointments. 

Final exams have a different schedule than the regular semester, with specific start times as well a Saturday hours: please pay close attention to the emails you receive from DS regarding your final exam schedule.

When Faculty Provide Testing Accommodations              

Students planning to take their exams with accommodations within the classroom must work directly with their faculty in advance of the exam. Discussing and planning with faculty is critical to receiving testing accommodations within the classroom or with the faculty/staff member. Your faculty may need to plan the time, the location, and the staffing in order to provide your exam accommodations themselves. Do not surpise your professor with this request just before or in the middle of your exam; you will be unlikely to be accommodated with such last-minute notice.