Text Conversion

Text Conversion provides alternate format accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, based on an individual’s disability documentation or presentation of the functional limitations of a print-related disability. Alternative text conversions are not limited to textbooks, but can also include syllabi, PowerPoints, study guides, articles, and other classroom materials. Students who need alternative text as an accommodation should discuss this with their DS counselor.

Text Conversion Procedure

  • Determine which books needed.
    • This information can be obtained by contacting the faculty member of the course or by contacting the UNC Charlotte bookstore at (704) 687-7050.
    • This should be done at least 6-8 weeks prior to the beginning of the next semester but it can be done as soon as the student register for classes.
    • The following information is required about each book: title, author, publisher, edition, ISBN number, and/or any other information listed on the publisher’s page of the manuscript.
  • Purchase each book and provide proof of purchase (see accepted forms of proof below) and submit it to the Office of Disability Services with the Text Conversion Request Form.
  • Provide a copy of corresponding syllabi indicating chapter/pages of the book that are mandatory to read.
  • If student has purchased text books but are requesting electronic text, Disability Services will contact the publisher to determine its availability. Disability Services works with publishers to obtain electronic format versions, therefore early submission of requests is vital to ensure timeliness of material. If the material is not available from the publisher, Disability Services will then cut, scan and convert text provided by the student.

Disability Services Text Conversion Proof of Purchase

Published materials are protected by copywrite law. To address copyright law and alternative text needs, students who request alternative textbooks must provide proof of ownership. Accepted forms of proof are:

  • Dated store receipt of textbook purchase or rental
  • Shipping confirmation email or packaging slip that is included with online purchase or rental
  • In lieu of proof of purchase, the student can present their textbook(s) to Alternative Text Staff for in-person verification. In this instance, student may be required to leave textbook(s) with DS staff for a short period to allow time to get needed info for record keeping

Important: Books that are scanned by DS must be provided by the student. Textbooks will be returned to the student as quickly as possible once the textbook is scanned and text conversion is underway.

Copywrite Law and Sharing Alternative Text Materials

In accordance with copyright laws, all alternate format materials are intended for a student’s individual use and should not be shared with others. Any duplication of the converted alternative text materials is prohibited.

Timeline for Requests

Requesting and/or converting text materials in alternative format takes time. It is important to contact Disability Services before the semester begins. It can take some publishers weeks to provide a textbook in an alternative format, and it can take the Disability Services team weeks to create an alternative format in-house. Planning early helps to ensure that you have textbooks in a timely manner.