FAQ for Registered Students

Do I need to register with Disability Services more than once?

Registration occurs after your documentation is reviewed and you are determined to be eligible for services. Registration is your initial meeting with a counselor to determine appropriate accommodations for the semester. This only occurs once, and from that point forward, you are registered with the Office of  Disability Services. After registering with Disability Services, students who wish to maintain their accommodations will need to schedule a Check-In appointment at the beginning of each semester to continue accommodations. These are the only mandatory appointments for maintaining accommodations. Student registered with Disability Services may make appointments as needed throughout the semester to consult with their DS counselor. Visit Individual Appointments and Consultation on our website for more information.

Am I required to take my test/exams in the Office of Disability Services?

The short answer is no. Alternative testing is a common accommodation, as many disabilities impact testing. We provide testing in the Disability Services office for many students with disabilities. We prioritize testing in Disability Services for students who need specialized equipment or assistive technology/software to take their test, followed by students who need to be ensured a lower distraction test environment. Students who test in Disability Services will be given a special testing form, in addition to their letter of accommodation. The testing form should be completed by the student and the instructor, and returned to Disability Services at least 5 business days prior to the first test. Some students prefer to test with their instructor in class. In these cases, we encourage you to pre-arrange alternative testing directly with your instructors. It is the instructor’s responsibility to provide testing accommodations for students who are not testing in Disability Services, but you should not make this request of your instructor on test day. Instead, plan ahead. If your instructor has questions about providing your accommodations, please refer him or her to our office. Vist the Testing link under Academic Accommodations for more information.

My friend gets copies of class notes through Disability Services, why can’t I receive these as well?

Appropriate accommodations are determined based on many factors including disability documentation, student interview, and the professional judgment of a Disability Services counselor. Counselors work closely with students to determine appropriate accommodations based on the impact of the individual's disability. Therefore, it is possible that two students with the same disability have different accommodations. If you have questions about your accommodations, please make an appointment with a counselor.

I am eligible for class notes, but I haven't received any. What should I do?

There are several student responsibilities in securing class notes. First, you must check in every semester in order to explore accommodations, such as receiving class notes. If this accommodation is approved, an email will be sent to the class in which class notes are needed. We ask that you wait at least a week for notes to be provided. If you are not receiving notes or experience any issues with quality, please contact your counselor in the Disability Services office. However, if faculty provide students access to detailed class notes then a note taker may not be secured. Please click on the Class Notes and Student Responsibilities links to find out more information related to this process.

Can Disability Services change my professor's assignment deadlines because of my disability?

Most deadlines for course assignments or papers are identified on the class syllabus, which students receive at the start of the semester. Assignment extensions due to a disability are not typically provided unless there has been a severe excerabation resulting in extended absence from classes.  Students should plan to start large assignments early to give themselves extra time to complete their work. If you do experience absences or miss deadlines due to a major disability related event, please contact the Office of Disability Services for further support. Additional documentation may be required. You must also  follow up with your professor(s) as soon as possible to address any missed classes or assignments. Excessive absences and missed or late assignments can have a negative impact upon your overall grade, regardless of disability.

I have difficulty accessing some books in the library due to my disability; is there support available?

YES. Students experiencing difficulty with accessing shelved books or resources can request assistance from a librarian. Students can visit the online library catalog and once the book information is found, it can be printed and given to a librarian for further assistance.

My accommodation needs have changed and/or I have some concerns. What should I do?

If your needs change or you have concerns related to your accommodations, notify your DS counselor as soon as possible. If the situation is complex, schedule an Advisement appointment to get further assistance.