Personal Care Attendant

Personal Care Attendant

A disabled student that requires support for activities of daily living is responsible for obtaining and employing a personal care attendant.  Proper planning and early notification are crucial components to making the transition to UNC Charlotte successful. It is important that the need for a personal care attendant be included on the documentation form submitted to the Office of Disability Services. This information should be submitted to the Office of Disability Services as soon as the admission acceptance decision is made.  For further information please visit our Documentation page.

If a student who uses an attendant plans to live on campus in addition to providing documentation to Disability Services, notify the Housing and Residence Life Department of the plan to have a personal care attendant when submitting the Housing application. Notification of the use of a personal care attendant should be given as soon as possible and no later than the June 1st Fall housing deadline.  For more information in regards to housing and personal care attendants please contact Housing and Residence Life.

In addition to notifying the Office of Disability Services and Housing and Residence Life, the Personal Care Attendant Agreement Form form must be completed by the student residing on campus if a personal care attendant will be utilized.The Personal Care Attendant Form needs to be completed and turned into Housing and Residence Life at least one week before occupancy in the residence hall.

Attendant's Role

To determine if a personal care attendant will be needed, the student will need to assess their skills and abilities with their medical provider, vocational rehabilitation counselor, or case manager.
Personal care attendants assist individuals in completing daily living skills such as grooming, personal hygiene, meal preparation, medication monitoring, maintenance of personal living environment, lifting or turning pages, and transporting/escorting.
The cost and maintenance of services for a personal care attendant remain the responsibility of the student.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte does not endorse any one specific health care provider.