DS PORTAL: ONLINE SYSTEM for Students, Faculty, and Volunteer Note Takers  


The Office of Disability Services is committed to continue operations through Spring 2020 by telework and in accordance with University guidance.  Beginning March 16 and until further notice, we will hold all appointments via phone or email. Schedule an appointment by calling 704-687-0040 or emailing disability@uncc.edu. Students may also contact their DS counselor directly.

Communicating with DS

Individuals may still call or email our office. During this time, we will not have access to mail or faxes on a regular basis. Students and Prospective Students who need to submit documentation for review should email their documentation to disability@uncc.edu

Help Us Safeguard Your Information

Do not include your social security number on any documents submitted to DS by email. Only your UNC Charlotte student ID number is necessary for processing.

How Tests will be Administered Now that Classes are Online

  • All Online tests will be administered Online by Faculty.
    • ​Until further notice, the DS Test Center cannot administer any tests.
  • Students should communicate with faculty about their testing accommodation needs.

Extending Test Time in Canvas: Faculty Resources

Students who have extended time on tests will need extended time for Online tests. For more information, visit the DS Faculty Resources page. Additionally:

Creating Accessible Online Materials: Faculty Resources


The Office of Disability Services is the campus office designated to determine reasonable accommodations for UNC Charlotte students with disabilities. 

Our Mission

The Office of Disability Services works to ensure that students with disabilities have access to education and campus life at UNC Charlotte. Through collaboration with the institution’s diverse community, Disability Services facilitates accommodations, discourse, and engagement to promote a universally accessible learning environment for all.

Important Dates

  • March 16: Last day to withdraw from courses; grade subject to Withdrawal Policy
  • April 8: Scholarship Application Deadline! Visit our Scholarships page to learn more.
  • April 10-11: Spring Weekend - No Classes
  • April 22: Deadline Extended:
    • Last Day for a Registration or Check-In appointment with Disability Services for Spring 2020
  • April 28: Last Day of Classes
  • April 29: Reading Day
  • April 30: Day of Remembrance
  • May 1-7: Final Exams

Requesting Accommodations

UNC Charlotte students who need accommodations should register with Disability Services. To register, students first need to submit appropriate documentation of their disability to our office for review.

Visit our Documentation page to learn more.

Access for Visitors and Students at Public Campus Events

Students or visitors to campus who need accommodations for a public campus event should contact Disability Services at 704-687-0040 or disability@uncc.edu. For more information, visit UNC Charlotte's Accessibility website.