DS Portal: Online System for Students and Faculty

Disability Services provides an online system for students and faculty to meet the accommodation needs of the growing numbers of students registered with our office. The system is called DS Portal.

DS Student Portal

DS Note Taker Portal

DS Faculty Portal


DS Student Portal

The DS Portal is for students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services. Use of the DS Portal is necessary to manage your accommodations through our office.

New students will need to schedule a face-to-face Registration appointment with a DS counselor to set up DS Portal access. Returning students who don't have access to the DS Portal will need to schedule a face-to-face Check-In appointment with a DS counselor to set up access. Students will use the online DS Student Portal to:

  • Request accommodations
  • Send Accommodation Letters directly to their instructors 
  • Request note taking services and download class notes
  • Schedule tests, quizzes, and final exams in the DS Test Center
  • Keep track of their upcoming DS appointments, tests, and final exams

As always, students are responsible for meeting with their instructors each semester to discuss their accommodations. Students in online classes should follow-up with their instructors by email. 

Students should meet with their DS counselor if they have any questions or need support. If you are not registered with our office and need more information, visit our webpage on how to register for services.

Scheduling Tests in the DS Student Portal

To reserve testing space in Disability Services, students are responsible for scheduling their tests using the online DS Student Portal. Students should follow established scheduling deadlines to ensure that space and proctoring requirements can be met. Scheduling deadlines are as follows:

  • one week (7 days) prior to the test during Fall/Spring
  • three (3) days prior to the test during Summer
  • by established date listed in the DS Portal for the Final Exam Period

Visit the Student Portal FAQ website for step-by-step instructions on how to use the Portal. Returning students who need a refresher using the DS Portal to schedule tests should contact Disability Services.

DS Faculty Portal

The DS Portal provides instructors online access to students' Accommodation Letters and requests to test in DS. Paper forms will no longer be used. Students who are registered with Disability Services will send their accommodation letters and test requests electronically and faculty will be notified via email from the DS Portal. The emails to instructors will include "DS Portal" within the subject line.

Instructors will use the online DS Faculty Portal to:

  • Review and acknowledge their students’ Accommodation Letters
  • Keep track of students who have accommodations in each of their courses
  • Review and confirm student test requests for the DS Test Center
  • Provide test administration details
  • Upload test materials to the secure system

Trouble logging into the DS Portal? 

  • Log in using your NinerNET username (*not your email address*) and password. Do not use @uncc.edu 

Using the DS Faculty Portal Step-By-Step: 

DS Note Taker Portal

UNC Charlotte students interested in volunteering to be a note taker will use the online DS Note Taker Portal to apply. Once selected, note takers will use the Portal to upload and manage class notes.