Faculty Resources

The Office of Disability Services is the campus office designated to determine disability accommodations and serves as a resource to assist faculty in their responsibility for providing approved academic accommodations. If you have questions about any accommodation or need clarification on any issue, you are encouraged to contact Disability Services:

  • Your student's Accommodation Letter indicates the DS counselor who works with that specific student. 
  • Contact disability@uncc.edu or call 704-687-0040 so that your question may be routed appropriately
  • In addition, Disability Services staff are available to schedule an information session on a variety of topics for you or your department upon request

Accessibility is the responsibility of everyone at UNC Charlotte, not just of Disability Services. We are your partner in providing an inclusive and accessible educational environment for all students.  Our goal is to encourage proactive consideration for the way in which environments are created and how we, as a campus community, think about disability. We look forward to working with you.