Testing Accommodations and Procedures

Testing accommodations are specific to the needs of the student and based on the disability documntation.  The accommodation must be provided regardless of whether it is managed by the faculty member or the Office of Disability Services.

Faculty Administered Test Accommodations

Faculty who administer testing accommodations for their students should do so at a time and location that is mutually determined by the faculty member and the student as long as the student receives the accommodations outlined in their letter. Testing accommodations typically relate to the time limit and  testing environment.  Faculty should contact the Office of Disability Services with questions. Please be mindful that all testing accommodations, including a lower distraction test environment, are relevant and should be provided in order to comply with disability law.

Test Accommodations in the DS Test Center

Disability Services no longer uses paper forms to arrange test proctoring. Instead, students schedule their tests through the DS Portal, which informs their professor a test request is waiting for approval. Faculty must log on to the DS Faculty Portal to approve the test and provide the proctoring instructions. Follow the steps below or visit our FAQs on how an instructor can use the DS Faculty Portal to approve a test request to learn more. 

  1. Approve the student's test request and enter proctoring details

When your students schedules a test in the DS Test Center, you will receive an email with a link to the DS Faculty Portal.

  • Log in to review the request using your NinerNet username and password.
  • Provide the test proctoring details (calculator allowed, type of calculator, notes allowed, etc.)
  • Select a test submission method. This includes the option to upload your test to the secure DS Faculty Portal system.
  • Select a test return method.
  • Review the details and upload your test to the secure system, if applicable
  • Submit the proctoring details by clicking on the "submit changes" button
  1. Contact Disability Services with any questions or concerns

We advise students to schedule tests for the same date and time as the in-class test. However, extended time accommodations may mean the system pushed the test to another time to avoid conflict with other classes on the student's schedule. Because you review the test request first, no student will be scheduled for a different date without your approval.

Uploading Your Exam

  • During the regular semester, you will be able to upload your test up to 4 hours prior to the test start time.
  • During final exams the deadline to upload is 12 hours prior to the start of the exam time due to the volume of tests that must be printed.

Changing the Exam Date

You will be able to change the date of the exam in the DS Faculty Portal.

Canceling an Exam

Contact Disability Services for assistance with canceling an exam: disability@uncc.edu or 704-687-0040.

Academic Integrity

The DS Test Center is under video surveillance and computer activity is monitored. Students are expected to adhere to the CODE OF STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY (U.P. 406), and the CODE OF STUDENT ACADEMIC INTEGRITY (U.P. 407) at all times. Cell phones are not allowed in the DS Test Center nor in any DS satellite testing location, such as those used during final exams. Students found cheating or in violation of the cell phone policy will be reported to their instructor(s).