For Parents and Families

We welcome your student to UNC Charlotte to begin this new phase in life!

The Disability Services staff recognizes that college is a new environment and a time of transition for your student and you. Our approach to working with your student is strength-based, promoting independence and self-advocacy. Our goal is to help each student have a positive college experience by working to ensure access to education and campus life at UNC Charlotte. 

Students have an integral role in reaching this goal, but they can be surprised by the shift in their responsibility at the college level. Students are responsible for providing appropriate documentation, registering with Disability Services, and requesting their accommodations. Once documentation is submitted and students are approved to register for services, they are responsible for making appointments early each semester to request their accommodations. During this appointment, the student and counselor will discuss appropriate accommodations based on specific disability needs. We encourage students to maintain contact with Disability Services to notify us of any changes or additional accommodation needs that may occur during the semester.

Students may not begin college with the self-knowledge and advocacy skills that will be necessary later in life. However, as we work with them to address their accommodation needs, we encourage students to develop their self-advocacy skills in preparation for entering the professional world. It has been our experience that students are successful in this endeavor. This has been demonstrated by their ability to discuss their individual needs with Disability Services staff, their professors, and others involved in their college careers.

We know your student may need your support through this transition. Take some time to prep your student to talk about his or her disability needs. Encourage your student to create effective study routines, get to know his or her professors, and seek help when needed. UNC Charlotte offers many resources to help students survive and thrive. Encourage your student to get connected!

If you have questions regarding the services or accommodations provided by the Office of Disability Services at UNC Charlotte, please contact us, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm at 704-687-0040, or contact us by email.

FERPA Privacy Laws

Each student’s privacy is of utmost importance. Privacy is provided and protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA. We follow FERPA guidelines in protecting students' disability-related information. 

What Does FERPA Mean for You as a
College Parent or Guardian?

Generally, FERPA rules mean that student education records - academic information such as grades or academic standing, academic transcripts, discipline records, even information about interactions with offices such as Disability Services - are only accessible by the student. College students are considered responsible adults who may determine who will receive information about them. College representatives, including Disability Services staff, are prohibited from discussing information about the student’s education records with parents. Students can sign a waiver allowing records to be released to and specified information shared with parents, family members, or college representatives, such as faculty members. Your student may, or may not, wish to sign this release.