Student Grievance Procedure

Prior to invoking the procedures described below, the student is strongly encouraged, but is not required, to discuss their grievance with the person alleged to have caused the grievance.  Often the situation may be resolved with an informal discussion.

Students are encouraged to consult with their DS counselor for help developing a plan to address the issue in order to reach an effective resolution. If a student is unable to address the individual directly, is unsatisfied with the outcome, or feels that they are experiencing discrimination because of a disability, the student should bring those concerns to the attention of the Office of Disability Services Director.

The following is the UNC Charlotte process for addressing student complaints of discrimination on the basis of disability:

  1. If a student is not able to resolve an issue informally, they should bring a complaint to the attention of the DS counselor in the Office of Disability Services.
  2. If the issue remains unresolved, the student should bring it to the attention of the Director of Disability Services.  The Director will gather information related to the complaint, which includes meeting with the student and other parties involved. The Director of Disability Services will consult with the the University's Chief Compliance Officer and with other appropriate individuals as part of the resolution process.
  3. Should the complaint not be resolved through the Office of Disability Services to the satisfaction of the student, they may file a formal grievance through University Policy 411: Student Grievance ProcedureFor the full details of the procedure, visit University Policy 411